5 Reasons Why Becky Lynch is Losing Her Spark

The Man, unlike WWE 2K22, doesn't Hit Different anymore.

In 2019, Becky Lynch was the best thing in Sports Entertainment; period.

In 2022, she's borderline insufferable. 

Big Time Becks started off as an interesting idea, but it has begun to show the cracks at its seams.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Becky Lynch has lost her shine.

5. Her Matches Have Lost Their Compelling "It" Factor 

Becky Lynch is one of the best performers on the WWE roster, and her match quality is still exceptional till this date.

And yet, every time Big Time Becks takes to the ring, it takes a while for us to get into it.

It's a far cry from where she was when she left, when the crowd would eat up every move she performed.

4. She Feels Like a Seth Rollins Rip-Off

We get that Becky's just trying to align her character with her husband's "affiliation", but it feels more like imitation.

Seth "Freakin" Rollins dresses like this.

And Big Time Becks dresses like this. Coincidence? We surely hope so, because it looks to us like they're doing couple's cosplay.

3. Her Heel Turn is Similar to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's in all the wrong ways

To this day, the Rattlesnake laments turning heel at WrestleMania X7; because he really didn't need to.

Austin was the hottest thing in wrestling till he turned heel and lost all his momentum despite doing great character work.

And to be honest, Big Time Becks' character work has gotten her as far as she can get with it; any more, and WWE risks it becoming overkill. 

2. The SummerSlam Squash was unnecessary

Squashing Bianca Belair in 26 secs is a record Becky Lynch might want to forget.

Though it made her look dominant, it immediately tarnished her return from maternity leave; something that should've been handled more gracefully.

And while the EST will probably win the Raw Women's Championship at 'Mania, her momentum has already been wrung dry; and that makes Big Time Becks look like bad in the worst way possible.

1. The Heel Turn has run its course; fans want to cheer her again

Big Time Becks has been a surprisingly colourful change of pace for Becky Lynch, but it won't last forever.

Lynch is a staunch fan-favorite, and she should've remained that way in the first place.

Big Time Becks will see her through 'Mania 38, but WWE will need to come up with some really nice storylines after that if they want to keep this gimmick going.

Otherwise, Becky Lynch will lose whatever shine she has left on her name. 

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