5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar  Is Better Than Goldberg

Two icons in the world of professional wrestling are Brock Lesnar and Goldberg

Goldberg is WWE Hall of Famer and no doubt that Brock Lesnar will be inducted in the future

Let’s look at 5 reasons why Brock Lesnar is better than Goldberg

More Entertaining Matches

Goldberg’s matches are mostly 5 minutes and more often than not are only squash matches

Brock Lesnar on the other hand, puts on great matches every time he wrestles and they are mostly longer than 5 minutes

Actually Cares about Wrestling

Goldberg is known to be a selfish man, who only cares about himself and will mostly wrestle only if he wins in a dominant fashion or losing after showing off his strength

That is one of the reasons why he ended the winning streak of the Fiend

Brock Lesnar on the other hand does not care if he wins or loses, as long as the match is entertaining and he also is known to provide creative ideas to ensure the match is good


Brock Lesnar can put on matches for as long as 30 minutes and still run around and put on a flawless show

Goldberg though is not known for his Stamina, if he wrestles longer than 5 minutes, then he gets gassed out and that leads to botches and a disappointing finish


All Goldberg can say perfectly is “You’re next” and a demeaning laugh

As we have seen in the past couple of months, Brock Lesnar has been killing it in each and every promo segment

The Fans actually enjoy the Beast

Goldberg may get a huge pop when he shows up but not everyone wants to see him wrestle

Brock Lesnar on the other hand is someone the fans love him and want to watch him wrestle


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