5 Reasons Why FIFA World Cup 2022 is a Disaster

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

The 2022 FIFA world cup is being held and hosted by Qatar. 32 countries are participating in this tournament from all around the world.

Nine years before the 2022 world cup Qatar, the country is criticized for everything from logistics to bribery to human rights abuse.

The football world has been discussing the FIFA world cup 2022. There are many controversies going on. This world cup could be a disaster.

Qatar has been using forced labor to build the infrastructure for FIFA world 2022. The mistreatment of Nepalese migrant workers has been noted.

Homosexuality is illegal there. While Qatar has more liberal policies than many Middle Eastern countries, it still has strict anti-gay laws.

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There were widespread bribery allegations during the bidding process. The FIFA members were asking money for their own interest

Qatar has banned beer inside the stadiums. According to the reports they stopped selling beers inside the stadium during the match time.

In this world cup 2022 there has been many controversies. People are tweeting and discussing how this world cup might be a disaster for every football fan.

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