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5 Reasons Why This Year’s WrestleMania is Bigger Than  Last Year

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WrestleMania 38 is less than 2 weeks away

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It is once again a 2-night event and will be taking place in Dallas, Texas

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Let’s take a look at 5 things that makes this year’s WrestleMania Stupendous

First  Pandemic Free WrestleMania

This year’s WrestleMania is the first WrestleMania that will be taking place free of the Covid-19 Pandemic and will be getting a full-house without any restrictions

Dream Match

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WWE is finally giving us Edge vs AJ Styles, a match that fans and the involved superstars have been asking forever since Edge returned to WWE back in 2020

Stunner  vs  Stunner

The WWE Fans will be treated to the Return of the Rattle Snake Stone Cold Steve Austin and it will be in a segment against Kevin Owens

The most Savage Babyface vs the most savage Heel in a promo segment will be exceptional in itself, but there are rumours that Austin will also be wrestling at WrestleMania - Only time will tell

Ronda Rousey Return

The Baddest Woman on the planet is back and set to Headline Night 1 of WrestleMania She is facing the Queen, Charlotte Flair and they are going to blow the roof of the place

The G.O.A.T  vs  The G.O.D

We currently are in an era with the best version of Brock Lesnar and the greatest version of Roman Reigns

Their Blow-off match is at WrestleMania - an 8 Year Feud is going to come to an end in the best way possible!

These are the reason this year’s WrestleMania will be Bigger than Ever!


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