5 Reasons Why WrestleMania is Bigger Than WWE

The Showcase of the Immortals is taking place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas over April 2nd & 3rd this year. 

WrestleMania 38 is the latest in a long line of annual Premium Live Events that have come to define the WWE itself.

In fact, in many ways, WrestleMania is the axis around which the WWE Universe revolves.

The Show of Shows is entering its 37th year as an annual PPV attraction all across the globe.

And I can confidently say that WrestleMania is a bigger deal than WWE itself.

Here are 5 Reasons why that is the case.

5. Not Everyone watches WWE, but Everyone tunes into WrestleMania

WrestleMania has lived through at least 5 Generations of Sports Entertainment, each with their own set of fervent fans

It doesn't matter if you grew up with the New Generation or during the Attitude Era or have stopped watching Sports Entertainment altogether. 

Everybody- even lapsed fans- tune into WrestleMania to catch the Greatest Wrestling Show on Earth. While Raw might be hitting all-time lows, you can always depend on 'Mania to pull the fans back in.

4. WrestleMania Weekend is a celebration of pro-wrestling; not just WWE

This might surprise some of our readers, but WWE is not the only pro-wrestling company that puts on a show around March/April.

Multiple wrestling promotions put on supercards around 'Mania weekend because those few days are a celebration of pro-wrestling as a whole; not just WWE.

In fact, this year, IMPACT Wrestling is putting on the Multiverse of Matches PPV at WrestleCon on April 1st; the day before 'Mania 38.

On the same day, Tony Khan's Ring of Honor is putting on its Supercard of Honor PPV. Whenever WrestleMania comes around, the pro-wrestling world comes alive; and that already makes it bigger than the WWE.

3. WrestleMania helped WWE go mainstream

The main even of WrestleMania 1 saw Hulk Hogan team with Mr. T, blowing the door wide open for a WWF-Hollywood Connection.

Since then, Vince McMahon's company has gotten Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and many other celebrities to feature on their programming and help elevate their product to mainstream TV audiences.

2. WrestleMania is Arguably More Valuable Than WWE itself

In 2020, WWE as a whole was valued at $5.6 billion; which is somewhere close to the net worth of a single top NFL team, let alone the league.

By contrast, WrestleMania is the 6th Most Valuable Sports Event in the World; even more so than the UEFA Champions League, which involves teams from multiple countries, making it the most-important cog in the WWE machine.

1. WrestleMania is responsible for WWE's Global Success

The WWE has been active for nearly 70 years. It started out as a Northeastern Territory and evolved into a nation-wide wrestling corporation by 1983.

If Vince McMahon hadn't bet on himself with WrestleMania 1, WWE itself wouldn't exist today. His territory raids would have run his company into the ground before Raw even debuted on TV in 1993, 8 full years after the First 'Mania.

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