5 Records Held By Scott Hall in Pro-Wrestling

The Pro-Wrestling World is saddened by the loss of Scott Hall

In honoring the legend, let’s take a look at some of the records held by Scott Hall

Undefeated in AWA

There are a handful of wrestlers who are undefeated in AWA and Scott Hall is part of that Elite Squad

The first-ever ladder match

Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels competed in WWE’s first-ever ladder match

Scott Hall also emerged victorious

The first-ever Undisputed Intercontinental Champion

Scott Hall defeated Shawn Michaels to become the first-ever Undisputed Intercontinental Champion

Wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania

Scott Hall holds the honor of being one of the 5 superstars who had squared up with the Texas Rattle-Snake at WrestleMania

2-Time WWE  Hall of Famer

Scott Hall is one of the few superstars to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice

The uniqueness in these inductions is that he has been inducted under two different names 1. Inducted individually as Razor Ramon 2. Inducted along with his nWo faction as Scott Hall


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