5 Ridiculous WrestleMania Storylines WWE Wants You To Forget

WWE is known for creating moments at WrestleMania, no matter how bizarre they are; just look at the picture we chose for this story, and you'll get an idea.

Santina Marella becoming Miss WrestleMania was an objectively funny 'Mania Moment at the time; but in hindsight, the moment probably did more harm than benefit to the Women's Locker Room.

On a similar-and lighter- note, not every WrestleMania storyline will be Austin vs Rock levels of blockbuster storytelling.

Some of them are just average in comparison to the main event scene, some put a damper on a superstar's career, and others should just never have happened in the first place.

Here are 5 ridiculous WrestleMania Storylines that WWE wants you to forget.

5. Big Show vs Akebono at WrestleMania 21

This match was announced on a random SmackDown, no build, just because Vince McMahon loves "exhibition matches".

The result was an awkward, 1:18 mins long sumo wrestling match the high point of which was Big Show taunting Akebono.

Big Show has come out since then and said it was his worst WrestleMania match just because of the "gear"; and honestly, we want to forget it along with him.

4. WWE Brawl For All at WrestleMania 15

WWE tried to book Dr. Death Steve Williams to win a shoot tournament but ended up with a disaster on their hands when Bart Gunn knocked him out in the final. 

Gunn was subjected to a Butterbean KO at 'Mania 15, while Dr. Death's planned program with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was scrapped.

Considering who Austin ended up feuding with, we'd say WWE is more than happy to forget all about the Brawl for All. 

3. Undertaker vs Giant Gonzalez at WrestleMania 9

There's a reason The Streak doesn't talk about Giant Gonzalez a lot. 

The only DQ victory in 'Taker's legendary streak came at the hands of yet another Vince McMahon pet project that failed miserably.

Even The Undertaker doesn't want you to remember this match, and he once wrestled The Great Khali.

2. Edge vs Booker T at WrestleMania X8

On a card that featured Rock vs Hogan & Austin vs Scott Hall, Booker T & Edge feuded over a Japanese Shampoo Commercial. Yep.

What makes it worse is this was Booker T's WrestleMania debut! And he didn't even get the job done.

1. Triple H vs Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 12

Triple H was undefeated in his rookie year with WWE; until he was squashed by Ultimate Warrior in under 2 minutes just to move a few more tickets for 'Mania. 

He even no-sold a Pedigree, one of the most-protected finishers in WWE history.

It's safe to say that The Game and WWE don't want to bring this up, ever again.

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