5 Subtle Ways WWE is Beating AEW 

All Elite Wrestling is the new big thing in professional wrestling.

The company is in its 3rd year as an active promotion and is already giving WWE serious competition.

But despite being the 2nd biggest wrestling promotion in America, they are still miles away from becoming a threat to WWE.

Here are 5 Subtle Ways in which WWE is already outperforming AEW more than you think.

5. WWE's Women's Roster is far better than AEW's

WWE has really turned things around since the days of the Divas, thanks to the 4 Horsewomen. Today, they have the best women's roster in the world; who actually get meaningful screentime. 

While AEW has improved a lot lately, they still have a long way to go. Jade Cargill particularly still needs to learn the ropes better, and the AEW Women's Division needs to be featured more heavily in the grand scheme of things.

4. WWE understands TV pacing and structure better than AEW

For all the criticisms concerning writers and replays and whatnot, we must admit that at least WWE programming feels like a fluid television experience.

AEW often tends to cram too many things into one show, and is stil finding its feet when it comes to pacing as made evident by William Regal's timing issue in his first promo in the company.

Tony Khan needs to seriously re-think his booking strategy and take a hard look at his roster if he wants his TV shows to feel like entertainment instead of promo-montages interspersed with PWG antics.

3. WWE's Production Game is More Refined that AEW's

This isn't just restricted to stage designs and things like that; WWE has the best production team in the business.

Meanwhile, AEW has managed to ruin 2 PPV endings thanks to their novice roots and seem to make camera-angle-based botches on TV every other minute. 

They need to figure out a way to improve their production game if they want to surpass WWE; and do it quick.

2. WWE has a far greater Global Presence

With 1 Billion Social Media Followers and a regular International Touring Schedule, WWE has established itself as a truly global corporation.

AEW still hasn't done an international tour or PPV and has barely cracked 20 million followers on its social media platforms; which is less than a 4th of WWE's YouTube channel subscriber count! 

1. WWE Network

WWE has arguably the best collection of original content in multimedia history. The WWE Network was a visionary masterstroke by Vince McMahon, and it has paid off in spades.

The closest thing Tony Khan can do to rival them is to turn Honor Club into something like the Network; but that will take too much time, and even more effort later.

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