5 Things You Didn't Know About Miranda Maverick

Miranda Maverick– this is the name of one of the next big things in the UFC. She’s just 23 years old and seems to have a great future ahead of her. Just like some other fighters who got signed by the world’s biggest MMA promotion in their early twenties like Max Holloway and Jon Jones, she also seems to be a bright and young MMA prospect.

Not only she is a UFC fighter, but she is also currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Old Dominion University. Hard to find people with both brains and muscles, isn’t it?

Miranda Maverick is a Ph.D. Student

Her father was the one who introduced her to MMA. It was her father by virtue of whom she got introduced to the female roster of the UFC. The moment she watched those female fighters on the T.V.

Miranda Maverick  is a huge  Ronda Rousey fan

Her father used to flip farms. They used to move around a lot in the Midwest and Southern United States to find underdeveloped rural properties. They used to make those properties alluring to potential buyers of those properties.

Maverick comes from a Farming Family

Her fighting credentials date way back to her amateur days when Tapology listed her as the #1 amateur fighter of her region. With such an impressive performance under her belt, she was bound to get great offers from professional organizations. And that’s how Miranda Maverick joined Invicta FC.

Maverick was a top-ranked amateur fighter

Miranda Maverick prefers to keep a low profile

As a fighter in the world’s biggest MMA promotion, it’s understandably hard to maintain a low profile. A lot of students of her university have found out about her fighting career and eventually, they have ended up becoming her fans.