5 Times Kamaru Usman Copied  Conor McGregor

Here's a look at 5 times when Usman copied Conor McGregor

Green Panty Night

 Kamaru Usman in a recent post mentioned that he is giving a Green Panty Night to Masvidal and referred himself as a draw ahead of UFC 261. Which was Conor McGregor's infamous "Red panty" Night to RDA

Is Kamaru Usman as big as Conor McGregor?

McGregor at UFC 246 post fight said that "Any of there Mouthy Fools can get it". Since then Usman always has the reply in any interview when asked about his next opponent, "Any of these fools can get it".

"Any of these fools can get it"

"You will do Nothing"

Another infamous Conor McGregor quote is from the Nate Diaz 2 presser, where McGregor said "You will do none". Usman used similar lines in the Colby presser and said "You will do nothing".


Kamaru Usman has often mimicked style, in his attempt to sell a fight. Needless to say, it has not gone well with fight fans who often call him "cringe." Be that as it may, Kamaru Usman is the finest when it comes to competing inside the Octagon and is currently undefeated in his MMA career.

After several years of avoiding Usman, McGregor has finally fired back at Kamaru by slamming him on twitter as he replied :- "Am I tripping or is this guy jacka** always at this? Everything I say."