5 UFC fighters who carry a bitter rivalry with Dana White

It's not always that you love your boss, and for the world of mixed martial arts, it's always a love-hate relationship. UFC President Dana White is used to the same with his UFC fighters.

There are several UFC fighters who have publicly expressed their "hatred" towards Dana White.

Jon Jones

Who can forget the bitter war of words between Jon Jones and Dana White. The former LHW king has called White a "liar" and doesn't really share a healthy relationship with the boss! 

Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz and Dana White were great friends. However, their relationship soured after contract disputes, and even to this day, both Tito and White share a bitter rivalry with each other.

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt vs Dana White is a public affair. With years of of drama between these two surrounding contract negotiations, fight pay, medical benefits, among other things, Mark Hunt's tirade against the UFC took him to to the court. 

Demetrious Johnson

The rivalry between Demetrious Johnson and Dana White stems from UFC's inability to push the flyweight division. Johnson and White could not come to terms with a potential "super-fight" against TJ Dillashaw back in the day, and according to the former flyweight champion, White even threatened to erase the flyweight division.

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou came out publicly and cited issues with his contract ahead of UFC 270. Ngannou has not renewed his contract, and feels that UFC might not be interested as well. The not-so-healthy relationship between Ngannou and White is quite apparent.

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