Top 5 Insane Tom Brady Records

7 Super Bowl Rings

Tom Brady won 6 Super Bowls with New England Patriots and won 1 with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021.

10 Super Bowl Appearances

Tom Brady has the most amount of appearances in Super Bowl with 10. He's also the oldest player to play a Super Bowl at 43.

5 Super Bowl MVPs

Tom Brady has 5 Super Bowl MVP awards. Only Joe Montana is close to him with 3. Brady is head and shoulders above everyone else in NFL history.

Passing Records


Tom Brady has the record for most passes without being intercepted in a super bowl  game (48). He also has the record for most passing yards with 84,520.

Most Career Wins

Tom Brady holds the record for most amount of career wins with 243. It includes 35 victories in playoffs. 

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