5 Reasons WWE Hell in a Cell Was Mighty Disappointing

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 took place inside Allstate Arena.

However, contrary to the expecatation, WWE Hell in a Cell wasn't as exciting and entertaining as gans expected it to be.

The Bloodline was missing!

The Bloodline was missing, which meant the biggest star in WWE was absent from one of the most anticipated event in WWE history, Hell in a Cell.

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Forget about the WWE Universal and WWE Championship, even the Tag-team championship belts weren't on the lines as The Usos were also absent from the event.


It was a relatively small event with just 7 matches on the card. It goes without saying, the full-house inside Allstar Arena deserved better!

Additionally, there was no Ronda Rousey on the card. The SmackDown women's championship was not on the line at WWE Hell in a Cell.

As if the criticism that continues to keep coming Rousey's way isn't already enough, WWE decided to not include her at the Elimination Chamber.

And with multiple superstars already missing, WWE decided to just have one Hell in a Cell match, which did not really make any use of the Cell. 

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