5 Wrestlers Who Have Suffered Career-Threatening Injuries Inside the Ring

Although professional wrestling is scripted, the risks taken by the wrestlers are very real There have been a bunch of wrestlers who have been injured inside the ring. Let’s take a look at some

Tyson Kidd

In 2015, During a dark match after Raw, Tyson Kidd wrestled Samoa Joe

One of the most dangerous moves in pro wrestling is Samoa Joe’s, Muscle Buster

Joe hit the Muscle Buster on Tyson Kidd and instantly Kidd was paralysed.

This ended Kidd’s wrestling career. Kidd is still recovering.


In 2018, during a live show, Paige wrestled Sasha Banks. In a move on the Turnbuckle, Paige injured her neck.

Paige has not wrestled ever since

Paige has been teasing her wrestling return recently. Hopefully, she does


Sting made his return to WWE in 2015. Later that year, he had a match against Seth Rollins for the WWE Title.

Rollins hit the Buckle Bomb on Sting and that resulted in a spinal injury.

Sting went through a lot of rehab sessions and finally is able to wrestle in AEW

Seth Rollins

During a WWE Live event in late 2015, Seth Rollins battled Kane for the WWE Title

Rollins attempted a sunset-flip power-bomb from the top rope. Sadly Rollins landed awkwardly and torn MCL, ACL and medial meniscus

Rollins returned in 2016.


Edge’s finisher is the Spear. He has hit a lot of vicious spears in his career. But in 2011, 1 spear became the most devastating one of his career.

Edge wrestled Alberto Del Rio for the World Title at WrestleMania 27. Edge won the match, but that Spear made his neck injury more severe. As a result, on the following SmackDown, Edge surrendered his World Title and announced his retirement.

9 years later, Edge made a miraculous return at the Royal Rumble event.


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