5 WWE Legends Who Disobeyed the Script on Live Television.

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

It is common knowledge that professional wrestling shows are scripted and the wrestlers are doing what they're told to do by the people backstage.

The head of creative and the group of scriptwriters come together to put out storylines to provide maximum entertainment to the fans.

There were several instances when certain WWE superstars decided to break the script and go about business by themselves. The list looks at some WWE legends who broke the script.

Chris Jericho: During a match between Jericho and Neville, Y2J broke the script to save Neville who broke his ankle. Jericho pushed the referee and got disqualified to end the match early.

Dusty Rhodes: The American dreams on the September 30, 2013 episode of Raw facepalmed Stephanie McMahon while confronting Triple H. Dusty wasn't punished for going off script.

The Rock: On a 2016 edition of Raw, the Rock decided to go off script and interact with a fan dressed up as Hulk Hogan. This received backlash because Hogan was suspended by the company back then.

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels broke the script when he decided to oversell the moves in a match against Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005 after Hogan was pitched to win.

Curtain call: One of the most controversial incidents was when the members of the Kique decided to break kayfabe back in the 90s. Triple H got punished while the others got away with it.

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