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5 WWE Superstars With Highest Merchandise Sales of All Time

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Merchandise sales are a major part of a professional wrestling company's revenue as worldwide sales of merchandise help companies earn a fortune.

A WWE superstar gets around 25% of the profit that the company makes as royalty on the merchandise that they were able to sell.

There are criticisms of the WWE as wrestlers get paid less for the sales. In the list, we look at the top 5 superstars with the highest WWE merchandise sales on WWE shop according to US-Bookies.

#5 Roman Reigns: The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is currently the fifth-highest merchandise seller with an estimated earning of $1,164,253.

#4 NWO: One of WCW's all-time greatest factions The New World Order ranks fourth with an estimated earning of $1,292,561.

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#3 Alexa Bliss: The most shocking entry on the list is Alexa Bliss. Bliss is currently the top-earning active WWE superstar with an earning of $1,600,000.

#2 John Cena: The 16-time World Champion is second on the list by earning an estimated $2,700,000 from the WWE Shop.

#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Texas Rattlesnake ranks first with a massive earning of around $3,600,000 from the merchandise on the WWE shop website.

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