5 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Played Other Sports


Omos has not only used his height advantage in WWE, but he also put it to good use when he played Basketball for Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bianca Belair

The EST of WWE has had a 6-year track career. She was one of the best and her focus was hurdles.

Brock Lesnar

After his initial departure from WWE, Lesnar wanted to pursue a career in American Football.

Lesnar signed with Minnesota Vikings and was part of the team for the pre-season from July 27 - August 30 2004, after which he was released by the Vikings.

Lesnar returned to combat sports

Roman Reigns

Reigns played American Football in College and in high school. Reigns was named ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ by the Pensacola News Journal.

He was a starter for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football team. In his senior year, he was one of the captains.

In 2007, Reigns joined the NFL and was signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Leukemia forcing him to be let go.

He returned in August and was signed by Jacksonville Jaguars. Roman was released a week before the season started.


During his days in college, Goldberg played as a defensive tackle for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.

In 1990 Goldberg joined the NFL where he was drafted to the Los Angeles Rams. He has also played for the Atlanta Falcons.

In 1995, he was picked up by the Carolina Panthers after the Falcons let him go. But he never played a game as he was the first player to be let go by the Panthers.

He was let go because he tore his lower abdomen off his pelvis.


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