Easter Eggs you might have missed in the Dana White Diss Track by Jake Paul

Jake Paul's video was riddled with Easter Eggs throughout. Let's take a look at them.

Lorenzo Fertitta

In the opening scene of the video, an actor was seen impersonating the former UFC owner and longtime friend of Dana White.


Eminem's famous 'Lose Yourself' from '8 Mile' was emulated during an opening segment in the video.

Dana White's past

Jake Paul also ignited Dana's past as a kick-boxing instructor. He also added a photo of White kissing Tito Ortiz.

Nelk Boys

Dana White has been very supportive of the 'Nelk Boys' in the past. Jake Paul took a shot at them as well.

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul were supposed to fight in December. However, Fury pulled out due to an injury. Paul took a dig at him in the video as well.

Patrick Mahomes

Jake Paul gave a shoutout to Patrick Mahomes in the video. Paul wore his jersey.


Posters of KSI featured in a segment in the video

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