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Alexa Bliss Finally Exposes Triple H Bringing Back Bray Wyatt Rumors

By: Jeron Jacob

WWE star, Alexa Bliss was known to be aligned with Bray Wyatt as a devotee during the time of the pandemic and had some supernatural abilities.

During that time Alexa Bliss' kind of scary character proved even more that she had a connection with WWE star, Bray Watt.

Recently on Monday Night RAW Bliss locked horns against the Damage CTRL leader, Bayley. During the fight, something unusual happened which raised many questions.

As the match between Bliss and Bayley went on the lights present in the ring began to flicker and people thought it was an indication of Bray Wyatt's return.

However, Alexa Bliss shut down the rumors by posting a message saying that she had no idea what the people are saying, on her social media account.

Regarding this on Twitter Bliss wrote, "I literally have no idea what ppl are talking about sometimes … make up something else ppl."

Bray Wyatt's last match was against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 which resulted in his loss as Alexa Bliss had distracted him.

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Even though she tweeted about the recent rumors, she didn't mention anything about Bray Wyatt. This will just increase the curiosity among the fans.

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