Alexa Bliss' Life In Danger

In a very strange incident, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has received death threats from a follower on instagram.

The two time SmackDown Women's champion and her husband was threatened to be shot dead.

There was not just one, but a series of disturbing messages left behind for Bliss in the comment section.

Following which, Bliss turned in the threat screenshots to the police.

To that, the obsessive follower replied "you can't stop me there what you going to do put an restraining order on me that's not going to work cause you can't do that sweetheart nice try though."

The troll went on to talk trash about the WWE star, dragging her past in it.

"Iam still going to talk to your ex Matt you can't stop me to talk to him hell he has a better woman than you and you can't stop that."


The incident took tolls on the superstar and her husband.


In a similar incident, Alexa's husband Ryan Cabrera was accused of being married before by another obsessive fan, last february.

Hopefully strict action will be taken this time for no one deserves to be harassed in a way Alexa has been dealing.

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