Alexander Volkov's Back Tattoo Is Easily One Of The Best In UFC

Alexander Volkov has the most remarkable presence in the octagon.

But something even more remarkable is the massive tattoo that covers his entire back.

It is a cover-up to his formerly existing Manta Ray art.

The tattoo potrays a humongous samurai helmet.

It is said to be a representation of conflict between the two ends - life and death.


The art was made by the Moscow-based tattoo artist Maxim Kislitsyn.

According to him, the tattoo "embodies the two alienable essences of the very being of the existence of this universe."

Reportedly, the tattoo was completed in two weeks, taking almost 55 hours.


It came into the light after his victory against Walt Harris at UFC 254 and the fans couldn't help going gaga over it.

The MMA world has never seen another like Volkov's back tattoo. Do you like the Samurai Helmet art?

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