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Alexis Ohanian’s Hilarious Comment on Marrying Serena Williams

By: Riha Rao Image credit: Vogue

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams have a lot of fun on social media. They routinely share photos with each other.

Williams often posts hilarious messages on her official Twitter account about having fun with her spouse.

While Ohanian recently spoke at an event about his latest project, the Seven Seven Six foundation, He never forgets to mention his wife in a humorous way at all!

Ohanian discussed numerous aspects of his career in a conversation with Boorstin. He also said something that had the audience in splits.

“I’m married to Serena Williams. That’s probably why you’re all here.” said Ohanian to the former CEO of AllRaise and FounderGym.

Serena, being true to her nature, couldn't stop herself from poking her husband. She too made a funny tweet, continuing the banter started by Alexis.

Williams captioned the tweet "I know this guy @alexisohanian". She used a picture of Ohanian’s interview with Julia Boorstin from CNBC at the upfront summit.

Serena and Alexis have always been supportive of one another. The two are always making jokes and bantering with one another on social media, portraying true couple goals.

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