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“An Idiot”: John Cena Warned About Losing to 25-Year-Old WWE Star

By: Anurag Khandare Image credit: WWE and Twitter

WWE RAW is XXX's main event witnessed Austin Theory retaining WWE United States Championship against 'The Almighty' Bobby Lashley.

Austin continues to be one of the promising superstars in WWE. The young star has already cemented himself as a solid mid-carder, and his future looks bright.

The theory had a brief confrontation with John Cena last year, but nothing build up out of it. It is believed that Austin might face Cena in the upcoming WWE main event.

Meanwhile, the 16 times WWE champion has also teased a match against Logan Paul.

However, Vince Russo suggested that it would be 'idiotic' if Cena put over a match against Austin Theory.

In an interview with sportskeeda Russo said, "I'm gonna say this right now if John Cena puts over Austin Theory, he's an absolute idiot. With all due respect, he's an idiot. Because he's not putting over a guy that's over"

"Cena could pass the torch and take the big payday. The only problem is none of it is believable. If an Austin Theory all of a sudden beats John Cena, nobody would believe it. He’s not at that level." Russo further added.

WWE’s actual plans could see Cena vs Austin. If there happened to be a match between the two of them, WrestleMania 39 is likely to be a show that nobody will ever forget.

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