By: David Smith

Andrew Tate Bringing Violence to Boxing Ring After Bans, Calls Out KSI

Image Credit:  Instagram

Recently Andrew Tate faced a lot of backlash for his controversial comments and ended up getting banned from many social media platforms including Tik Tok and Instagram.

However, that did not stop the Top G as he recently did a podcast with his brother Tristan Tate to address the ban.

Andrew Tate also laid out his future plans including his plans for getting into the boxing ring to teach YouTuber turned pro boxer, KSI a lesson.

“You’re full of sh*t, you’re a f****g hypocrite. The shit you’ve said in the past is worse than anything I’ve ever f****g said and you know it. You’re talking about having a boxing match, your f****g 3 rounds (of) boxing and some nobody.”- Andrew Tate to KSI

KSI recently made his boxing return to fight two opponents (including one professional boxer) in one night on the latest DAZN card.

KSI secured two knockouts to mark an emphatic return to the boxing ring. Following his wins, KSI addressed Tate's call out and said he is open to taking on the Top G.

This match is likely to happen considering the fact that Andrew Tate was once interested in fighting Jake Paul, who is one of the biggest names in the boxing world right now.

Andrew Tate, who is a former kickboxing champion and has experience in competing in boxing, will certainly have a big chance to beat KSI if this match ends up happening.

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