By: Alok Nayak

Andrew Tate Says He Has More Than 10 Kids, Shocks Friend Adin Ross

Image Credit: YouTube

Andrew Tate has been very private about his personal life despite being one of the most famous celebrities in 2022.

However, recently the "Top G" Andrew Tate made a shocking revelation during a live stream with YouTuber Adin Ross

When Adin Ross asked Tate about how many kids he has, he got an interesting answer that many fans might not have known before this.

The internet sensation, Andrew Tate seemingly confirmed that he has more than 10 kids with multiple partners.

Even Adin Ross admitted that he did not know about Andrew Tate, who has a net worth of $350 million, having kids.

Andrew Tate recently got cancelled after fans protested against his "misogynist" and controversial opinions.

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However, Tate has recently showed interest in making a return to world of combat with a boxing match against Logan Paul.

If this fight happens it will be an exciting fight to watch for many fans and Logan Paul is certainly ready to make his boxing return.

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