By: Alok Nayak

Andrew Tate Will Not Fight Jake Paul: Logan Paul Reveals Why

Image Credit: YouTube

Recently, The Problem Child Jake Paul announced that a boxing match with Andrew Tate is in the works for 2023.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul have come face to face on a couple of occasions. And the fans seem excited to watch this one go down.

However, Logan Paul feels that the fans will be disappointed as Andrew Tate does not want to fight Jake Paul.

The Maverick even stated that Tate will not fight him or his brother to protect the Top G facade as a loss can be detrimental to Andrew Tate's persona.

"Andrew Tate will not fight Jake, Andrew Tate will not fight myself. And if he does he is gonna get his a** kicked and the whole top G facade will finally be revealed as bulls**t"- Logan said.

"I want to see action. Pen to paper contract and fight. No more bulls***g"- Logan Paul said about Tate's return to the ring.

Logan Paul and Andrew Tate don't like each other. Logan Paul criticized Tate after he got banned from all social media.

And Andrew Tate fired back at Paul and called him a sell out, who is being asked what he is asked to say about the top executives of YouTube. Fortunately, fans will soon see Tate and the Paul brothers settle their rivalry.

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