By: Ujan Chakraborty

Andrew Tate's Life in Danger After Lung Cancer Reports

Image Credit: Twitter

The Romanian police are presently holding Andrew Tate, a social media star and former kickboxing champion. In the final week of December 2022, he was removed from his Romanian property's grounds.

Regarding his prison living conditions, there have been a number of contradictory stories. He called the holding area an "animal home" himself. However, a source just informed his fans of some serious information.

There were rumors that Tate was rushed to the hospital more than once after his arrest earlier in the year. Sulaiman Ahmed, an investigative journalist, released several alleged CT scan reports of Tate's medical examinations.

Andrew allegedly had a lung nodule that may have been cancerous. Ahmed stated in his article that Tate might already have cancer, and a reliable source has already confirmed this.

Tate's manager just verified it in a post on Instagram stories. He even insisted that Tate was receiving therapy there when he was with him, and he was aware of the lung nodule prior to his arrest.

The doctor said, "His case was discussed at our MDT meeting and has been scheduled for an urgent investigations and procedures, including a PET CT scan, bronchoscopy, and tissue sampling" via CT guided biopsy.

"Further delay for the investigations might negatively impact Andrew's physical health," the doctor said. The fans were not particularly happy about his condition following his most recent court appearance.

Tate's fans are more worried since he urgently requires medical care but won't get it because the duration of his detention was extended by another 30 days, bringing it to a total of 90 days.

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