Stephanie McMahon-Triple H Divorce Rumors Debunked

The McMahon family has seen many ups and downs in recent times.

Not so long ago, Triple H had to announce retirement from in-ring action due to his heart condition.

Following that Stephanie McMahon decided to take a break from her role as the Chief Brand Officer to focus more on his family.

This decision from Stephanie McMahon started a rumor on her marital life.

Many fans speculated that fans might see the power couple of WWE getting divorced in the near future.

However, it sees the rumors are not true as per a recent report Wade Keller.

"I know when Hunter had his health problems, and then Stephanie stepped aside, there were, I don't wanna say rumors because that's overstating it. [There was] conjecture that maybe there were marital issues that they were dealing with. I'm told that's just flat out not the case and that they are a team."

Stephanie McMahon had to return to WWE as the interim CEO after Vince McMahon stepped down from his position due to ongoing investigation.