Bad News for the Bloodline Fans as They Miss Out on New Member

The Bloodline has emerged as arguably the most dominant faction in the history of WWE.

Comprising of Roman Reigns, the Usos alongside special counsel Paul Heyman, the Bloodline is a force to  be reckon with.

However, with decreased appearances from Roman Reigns, one must wonder whether WWE is planning to add more members to the stable.

While that might be the idea, in a truly disappointing news for WWE fans, the company may have missed on a huge opportunity.

Not long ago, real-life brother of the Usos and cousin to Roman Reigns, Joseph Fatu made his NXT debut.

Despite spending more than an year in the company, Joseph Fatu has not made it to the main roster, and the company has not associated him with the Bloodline.


In a recent interview, Joseph Fatu, who goes by the name Solo Sikoa inside the WWE ring revealed that he was originally planned to work alongside his brother, the Usos.

He revealed in a recent conversation, “I don’t want to be referred to as their brother, their cousin, I want people to recognise me for me.:

"Before I debuted on TV, WWE creative were like ‘we’ll put you with your brothers’. Then the next meeting was like ‘let’s see what you can do on your own." Solo Sikoa revealed.


Needless to say, this is a golden opportunity missed by the WWE, who could have added another member to the Bloodline, and possibly use it to make another future WWE star.

Solo Sikoa NXT

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