Becky Lynch Fires Massive Shots at AEW Owner on Twitter

Is there a WWE Superstar better at trolling on Twitter than Big Time Becks these days?

Lynch set WrestleMania 38 on fire with her stellar performance against Bianca Belair at Night 1.

And now, she's taken aim at none other than AEW Owner Tony Khan!

Khan took to Twitter to accuse WWE of bankrolling a bot campaign against AEW. 

And doubled down on it, instead of providing actual proof.

Apparently unaware of the very nature of engagement for entertainment on Twitter. 

This caught the eye of The Man, who fired back in hilarious fashion.

This exchange proves 2 things: 1) Tony Khan is lightyears removed from Vince McMahon's level & 2) Becky Lynch is the best troll on Twitter, period. 

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