Becky Lynch Teases Her Autobiography; Here’s What to Expect

Becky Lynch is one of the biggest superstars in WWE today, and her journey to the top has been storied to say the least.

She went from doing irish jigs on nxt and being the 3rd wheel of team pcb.

To winning the main event of WrestleMania 35 amidst a swell of crowd support.


And now, Big Time Becks has teased a complete career retrospect, from the desk of The Man herself!

That's right; Becky Lynch revealed in an appearance on Drew Garabo Live Featured Cut Of The Day that she's currently hard at work writing a book.


This is the first update on Becky's writing project since 2021, when she teased she had found publishers for her work already.


Fans can expect all sorts of colorful stories from Lynch's older days as an indie wrestler, to her 7-year-gap from wrestling, to her big break in WWE.


Having recently become a mother herself, expect a couple of chapters discussing her family life.

As well as toast; something Big Time Becks loves eating!

If the book she is currently working on is indeed her autobiography, then fans are in for an emotional ride. Lynch has revealed her past issues with substance abuse, and given how big a role that played in her career choices, expect it to show up eventually.