Former WWE star reacts on Triple H's retirement

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Future Hal of Famer Triple H announced his retirement from professional wrestling in an interview with Stephen A Smith on ESPN.

The news comes just a week before WWE's biggest show, WrestleMania 38.

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Needless to say, soon after the news broke, several WWE superstar took to social media in reaction to Triple H's retirement.

Former WWE superstar Ryback took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Triple H's retirement.

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"I truly wish him well. He went out of his way to prevent multiple opportunities for me, lied, and is part of a company I have a legal battle with and have won everything. I put out a heartfelt message and speak from experience, but wish him the best. Negative marks are horrible," Ryback wrote in another tweet.

Ryback parted ways with WWE after a bitter dispute.

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The ugly relationship between Ryback and WWE is well known to the wrestling universe.

Do you think it was time for Triple H to retire?