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"Black Moms Don't Get the Same Care" - Serena Williams Concerned Over Major Issues

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

Recently, Serena Williams shared her horrific postpartum experiences in an interview. She said that there hasn't been any improvement in the inequities in maternal health care for women of color.

After she gave birth to her daughter, Olympia Ohanian she made a public statement about the dismissive and risky care she received following her C-section. After giving birth, Serena experienced a pulmonary embolism.

She was prepared for experiencing pulmonary embolism symptoms. She expressed her rage and terror when the nurses neglected her after she warned them of her requirements. She needed emergency surgery for negligence.

"You know everyone has a birth story. People have started talking about how, unfortunately, Black moms don't get the same care." said Serena while talking about the pain she endured during her childbirth. 

"I was shocked to know that medical students were taught that black women don't need treatment because they can handle so much more pain" the 23-time Grand Slam champion said. 

"Some medical students were instructed by their faculty that a woman's level of care or need during labor could be influenced by her race." said Serena, remembering the tough times she went through. 

She also discussed how painful migraines could frequently be. Nobody in the audience or watching on television understood what she was going through. "She is a player, and she has to play and she has to win." 

Serena has consistently been the dominant leader of the WTA Tour throughout the course of her stellar career, winning 23 Grand Slams. She has been a powerful woman who has influenced the world.

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