Bloodied Brock Lesnar Shows His Crazy Side at WWE Live Event in MSG

A couple of nights ago Brock Lesnar was in the main event of the WWE Live Event in MSG

Lesnar defended his WWE title against Austin Theory

Lesnar squashed Theory, but moments after that he got ambushed by the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

The Beast did take Reigns to Suplex City but with the Usos interfering, allowed Reigns to recover and beat down Brock Lesnar

Reigns beat Lesnar to a pulp and stood tall in the middle of the ring

Lesnar was bleeding and as Reigns was walking back, Lesnar got up and was laughing as he was looking at Reigns

I do not know about you but if someone just received such a beating from me and still managed to sit up and laugh, I would be scared for my life

The man is bloodied, has multiple bruises on his face and got slammed on steel steps and still, he managed to sit up in minutes and is laughing about it

Maybe the several matches he and Reigns have had, Lesnar has become used to the beating

This could be the next chapter in this feud leading up to their final battle at WrestleMania

Lesnar gets unphased over any more of the beating, heading into WrestleMania and Reigns has to come up with a new way to defeat Brock Lesnar this time around


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