BMF Jorge Masvidal Finds Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars Hilarious

Oscar 2022 witnessed one of the most controversial moment in television history when Will Smith slapped comedian and oscar host, Chris Rock for a joke over his wife Jada Pink Smith.

A lot of celebrities came out to support Hollywood star Will Smith while many criticized him for his actions.

UFC president, Dana White even called Oscar 2022 the best oscar ever after the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Recently, the BMF of UFC, Jorge Masvidal gave his verdict on Will Smith- Chris Rock saga in his recent appearance of Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast.

Jorge Masvidal found the entire incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock hilarious for one reason.

"For the Will Smith thing, I am going to say the only thing I found it was funny is that he laughed originally and then he looked at his chick and she gave him the go-ahead like, dog you better not be laughing."- Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal is no way supporting Chris Rock for joking about Jada Smith.

Masvidal, who is not a fan of trash talk in the sport believes there should be a line while talking trash to promote a fight.

Jorge Masvidal recently went to jail for attacking Colby Covington at a restaurant in Miami.

Though Masvidal was in the wrong, many UFC fighters including Dana White justified Masvidal's action with the narrative that Colby Covington crossed the line by bringing Masvidal's family while promoting their fight at UFC 273

What are your thoughts on the Jorge Masvidal-Colby Covington fight that took place outside the octagon?