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Bobby Lashley Hopes 40-Year-Old WWE Star to Come Back at Royal Rumble

By: Omkar Banerjee Image credit: WWE 

Royal Rumble is a premium live event of WWE where over the years WWE stars make their surprising returns to the ring.

Meanwhile former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in an interview with the Hindustan Times expressed his desire to face Chris Masters (aka Chris Adonis) in this year's Royal Rumble .

Chris Masters had made his debut in WWE in the year 2005 and was a prominent member of the roster, but a couple of years later he was released. Chris made his return in the WWE in 2009 and went on to leave the company in 2011.

Lashley said in an interview- "If he has an opportunity to come back, I think that would be a really cool showcase. Whether it happens at the Rumble, you never know. The Rumble always has surprises. I think Chris has kind of proved himself in the professional wrestling world .

For the first 2 years of Chris Masters in the WWE , no one could really break out of his finishing move ,'The Master Lock' .

Bobby Lashley was the first wrestler ever to officially break the hold of Master Lock . Lashley currently uses the Master Lock' himself in WWE as one of his finest maneuvers.

During the interview with Hindustan Times Bobby Lashley also expressed how he wanted to test himself if Lashley could still break the hold of Master Lock . Lashley also said he would like to put Chris in the Master Lock as well.

In recent days Chris Masters has also expressed his desire to return to WWE on Royal Rumble. Masters also mentioned that he has not yet received a call from WWE management.

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