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Bobby Lashley Reveals He Was Offered to Fight Mike Tyson

By: Nikhil Chauhan

Image Courtesy: Instagram


Bobby Lashley has revealed in conversation with Fightful that he was approached for a match-up against Mike Tyson.

Lashley claimed he was approached by a "bare knuckle boxing company rep" about the possibility of fighting Mike Tyson.

Lashley shared that it would be an honor to share the ring with Mike Tyson, and he loves the idea of a bare knuckle match against the boxing legend.

According to Lashley, the bare knuckle match is being planned for Madison Square Garden, however, there is no confirmation to the same.

Brush Stroke

Fightful has not reached out to any major bare knuckle promoters. Lashley is currently signed to WWE.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Lashley had earlier revealed that he requested Vince McMahon to compete in the UFC following MITB, however, it was rejected by the former boss.

Bobby lashley vs mike tyson?

With Vince McMahon retired, there's a possibility we could see WWE approve Lashley's request to compete outside of the WWE in order to leverage on his popularity later.

WWE has approved Brock Lesnar to fight in the UFC while he was still in contract with WWE. Will the company do the same for Lashley? Only time will tell.

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