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Bobby Lashley Wanted to Fight in UFC But Vince McMahon Rejected It

By: Nikhil Chauhan



Bobby Lashley has revealed that he wanted to fight in the UFC while keeping his WWE contract intact.

Lashley wanted to fight in the ufc after mitb

Lashley has revealed that the he wanted to fight in the UFC following Money in the Bank. However, the plan was rejected by the former boss.

Bobby Lashley is a former mixed martial artist having performed in multiple MMA organizations.

Bobby Lashley has competed inside Bellator cage five times, emerging victorious on all occasions.

With a staggering 15-2 record in his mixed martial arts career, it's no wonder Bobby Lashley is a force to be reckoned with in WWE.

Brush Stroke

However, Bobby Lashley hasn't competed inside the UFC Octagon. Needless to say, that would have been quite huge for Lashley.

Image Courtesy: WWE

With Vince McMahon now gone, it will be interesting to see whether Lashley will put forward this request once again in front of the WWE creative. 

Will bobby lashley fight in the ufc?

With Vince McMahon retired, it's possible we might see Lashley fight in the UFC Octagon. Needless to say, it will only help WWE when Lashley comes back.

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