Botch! Ring Collapses During WWE Live Show

WWE is one of the biggest live-entertainment companies in the world, which makes production a key aspect of their presentation,

WWE has one of the best production teams in the world, which is reflected in the quality of their set designs and their shows.

In fact, they won the "Best Tech Innovation During the COVID-19 Pandemic Award" at the Cynopsis Sports Media Awards 2021 for the ThunderDome.


That doesn't change the fact that mistakes can happen during live shows, and one such mistake occurred at the WWE Live Event in Newcastle.

At the April 28th show, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre were set for an inter-brand hoss fight for the ages.


But just as the match was picking up steam, McIntyre hit the ropes a bit too hard and they completely collapsed into the ring, causing Lashley to spill over to the ground in a horrific incident.


While Lashley hasn't sustained any injuries from the nasty tumble, it is a damning indictment of WWE's production crew.


Lashley has just returned from a scary concussion injury, and that literal rope break could have put him on hospital bed once again.

WWE runs house shows at least 4 days a week, with all of their top superstars performing daily. An error like this can drastically alter major booking plans for the company. WWE needs to seriously re-consider their ring design.