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Braun Strowman’s WWE Return Was Absolutely Terrible Says Former WWE Employee

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits: WWE

Former WWE writer Vince Russo says he is not happy with the way WWE booked the recent return of the Monster among men Braun Strowman on Raw.

The former Universal Champion who was let go by the company last year got re-signed after Triple H took over as the new head of creative.

Braun made his much anticipated WWE return last week on Monday Night Raw during a four-way tag team number one contender's match.

He attacked Los Lotharios, Alpha Academy, The Street Profits and The New Day all by himself and made a huge statement and announced his arrival.

Vince Russo who was talking to Sportskeeda said that the segment was terrible and Braun should have questioned the booking decision before agreeing to make his return.

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Russo also said that instead of taking out the entire tag-team division, the WWE should have used the former Wyatt Family member in a much more meaningful way.

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He also made an appearance on last week’s Smackdown by interrupting the Alpha academy and taking out both Otis and Chad Gable to put the roster on notice.

The current creative decision for Braun is unclear but as he is one of the major signings that Triple H has made since taking over, we can expect bigger things for the monster.

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