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Bray Wyatt Makes a Big Demand to WWE’s Boss Triple H

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Bray Wyatt made his much anticipated return to the WWE last month during the Extreme Rules premium live event.

Wyatt since his return has been moved to the Smackdown roster and has made brief appearances on several shows to cut promos.

He gets interrupted by a masked figure named Uncle Howdy midway through the promos and that has been happening on a weekly basis. WWE are yet to reveal any details on the Uncle Howdy character.

WrestleVotes talking to GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor has revealed that Bray is respected backstage and he's trying to bring two former WWE stars back to the company.

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Bo Dallas and Erick Rowan are the two names that Wyatt is pushing for the WWE to bring back. The two stars have close association with Wyatt.

Bo Dallas is Bray Wyatt's real life brother and Erick Rowan was the member of Wyatt's former faction The Wyatt family. The two were released by the company in the last two years.

Bo Dallas hasn't been wrestling since his WWE release while Eric Rowan has made appearances on the Independent circuit and AEW under the name Erick Redbeard.

As of now it's unclear whether the company has signed the two stars. There are several rumors that Bo Dallas is going to be revealed as Uncle Howdy.

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