Dwayne Johnson Silent After His Daughter Makes WWE Debut

Brock Lesnar is back! The Beast Incarnate made his return late last month following Roman Reigns' title defense against Riddle.

He is now set to take on Roman Reigns in a "Last Man Standing" match at SummerSlam.

Ahead of his one last attempt at Roman Reigns' undisputed titles, Lesnar appeared on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW and sent a warning to the Tribal Chief.

"I think there's an old saying, and it came from right here in Texas. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Roman Reigns, you are a hog and I slaughter hogs on my farm every single day." Lesnar warned.

Brock Lesnar had a huge support pouring his way in hometown of Texas, and it's safe to say that he will be the A-side once again going into the title fight against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

Before Lesnar could speak any further, he was interrupted by his former counsel Paul Heyman, who had a word or two to say to his former client, Brock Lesnar.

It goes without saying, there's a lot at stake for Brock Lesnar, who will look to maintain his relevance and dominance inside the WWE ring.

The Beast Incarnate hasn't really had much success against Roman Reigns, and he will look to put that behind him as he takes on the Tribal Chief one last time at SummerSlam later this month.

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