Brock Lesnar’s New Nickname Here’s All You Need to Know

Brock Lesnar has had several nicknames throughout his WWE Career

The Next Big Thing, Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror of the Brocktagon and more

All these nicknames have been earned by him or given to him by his advocate Paul Heyman

To be true to each nickname, Lesnar has always maintained a very serious personality

Now, with not having his advocate beside him, the Beast Incarnate is showing a totally different side of him

The WWE Universe has never seen this side of Brock, he is dancing, smiling and even taking selfies with fans in the arena but still scares the holy bejeesus out of his opponents

Brock has a totally new look now

He has Man-bun and a full-grown beard and comes to the ring wearing a flannel sleeveless shirt, jeans bottoms and to top it all off he wears a Brim hat

Seeing this fun side of the Beast, the fans have named this version “Cowboy Brock”

Recently, Brock Lesnar was a guest on the Pat McAfee show and revealed to the public that this current version of Brock Lesnar is actually the real Brock Lesnar

He wears cowboy/ Brim hats all the time as well

Are you a fan of “Cowboy Brock”?


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