Charles Oliveira Might Lose Over $2 Million

Charles Oliveira proved everyone at UFC 274 that he could be in the run to be one of the greatest in the lightweight division.

Oliveira defeated the no 1 lightweight contender Justin Gaethje via submission in the first round.

But despite the phenomenal performance, Oliveira is still on the verge of losing over $2 million, here's why-

The former champion didn't hit the weight mark to be eligible to compete for the lightweight title and hence was forfeited of his championship.

Oliveira missed the mark by 0.5lbs in the pre-fight ceremonial weigh-in.

But along with his championship, the scale fail could also cost him over 2 million dollars.

The prize for defending a title could have been in millions which Oliveira might no longer be able to claim after being pulled out as a champion.

Along with that, the sponsorship amount, show fee as a champion, post fight bonus for his RNC of Justin Gaethje, everything which summed up to be around $2.3 million, could go down too, as explained by the former title challenger and MMA analyst Chael Sonnen.

But In the post-fight press, UFC president Dana White cleared the air confirming that Oliveira will still get PPV shares UFC 274, despite missing weight, though its not assured if DoBronx gets his next pay-per-view points.

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