Charles Oliveira Reveals The WhatsApp Text He Recieved From Dustin Poirier Right After The Fight

In a recent conversation, Charles Oliveiera talked about the donation Dustin Poirier promised back at UFC 269.

Dustin Poirier lost the the bout against Oliveira at UFC 269..

..But won hearts by pitching in donations for Oliveira's choice of cause.

Charles Oliveira has been working with institutions and several charities, running for the welfare of the poor.

Do Bronx revealed that right after the match, He got a text message from Poirier insisting on donating for the cause.

"The dude induced me on doing more."

"Dustin Poirier is the most honourable guy I've seen in the fighting world."

There were headlines earlier this year about Poirier's claims of donating being illegitimate.

But The Diamond soon cleared the air calling it a sheer misunderstanding.