Chris Pratt Faces Backlash for His Comments on Israel Adesanya

Many Hollywood celebrities including Chris Pratt attended the much anticipated UFC 276 last week.

In the main event of UFC 276, Israel Adesanya secured another decision win, and this time the opponent was Jared Cannonier.

Following the win, Israel Adesanya received a lot of criticism from the fight fans.

Even Chris Pratt criticized Adesanya's lackluster performance and said: "I'm not a fan, man. I'm not a fan of coming out like all that talk and then just putting on a little bit of a pitter-patter. Like, come on, man. You've got to cash on that. You got to cash on that promise, you know? Being so bada**."

Former UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has a response for Chris Pratt following his comments on Adesanya

"I know Chris Pratt was like 'For me, I'm disappointed, for me if you talk all that sh*t you gotta show out'. Hey bro. We're not telling you how to make Guardians of the Galaxy. That's like Izzy [Israel Adesanya] criticizing Guardians of the Galaxy for Groot [character in the movie] talking too much. Pratt would be like 'What the f**k do you know about movies?'... This is the first time you're on national broadcast with the UFC and you take this opportunity to clown our boy Izzy?"

Chris Pratt has been a huge fan of MMA for a long time and this is not the first time he has attended a UFC event.

And though Brendan Schaub does not seem to like the comments by Chris Pratt there are many fans who agree with Pratt's comments.