By: Alok Nayak

Close Friend Didn't Support Joe Rogan's Allegations Against UFC Champion

Image Credit: UFC

Host of JRE podcast, Joe Rogan and Former UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has been good friends for years now.

It was Joe Rogan who advised Brendan Schaub to quit his MMA career and explore other opportunities outside the world of MMA.

And it has certainly worked out well for Brendan Schaub. However, he recently disagreed with one of the opinions of Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan shared his disappointment over Alex Pereira having a massive weight advantage over Israel Adesanya during their title fight.

Joe Rogan even called it "sanctioned cheating" despite Alex Pereira weighing in at 184.6 lbs on the UFC 281 official weigh-in.

"It can be an advantage. Especially if you're good at it. With Pereira... I wouldn't call it cheating." - Schaub stated on his podcast

"They literally weighed the same on the scale, and then he balloons back up. That's what makes Pereira kind of special, he can cut that weight and still have cardio for five rounds."- Brendan Schaub continued.

Former UFC champion, Robert Whittaker was also shocked to see the size difference between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya.

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