CM Punk Has an Advise for WWE Superstars After Sasha Banks and Naomi’s Exit

Sasha Banks and Naomi's exit from WWE programming has certainly shocked the WWE Universe.

Sasha Banks and Naomi were suspended indefinitely after they decided to not follow company rules and take part in the planned 6-pack tag-team match.

Sasha Banks and Naomi no longer the champions!

Needless to say, the entire matter has taken a lot of heat as the entire world of pro-wrestling continues to voice their opinions.

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CM Punk also took to Twitter to express his opinion and opined how the WWE locker room should be more supportive of Sasha Banks and Naomi.

CM Punk had his fair share of issues with the WWE creative. So to see Punk take side of Sasha Banks and Naomi isn't really surprising.

"Doesn’t matter if your opinion of your coworker is positive or negative. Stand with them. Because they’ll do the same thing to you and you’ll wish someone helped. Trust me. You’re expendable. Together you’re unstoppable." Punk tweeted.


CM Punk probably understands this more than anybody else. Punk had gone through his fair share of troubles with the WWE during his run with the company. With Banks and Naomi also citing booking issues and displeasure with the WWE creative, Punk's war with Vince McMahon over creative dispute definitely comes to mind.

CM Punk and the WWE contract storyline

WWE is wiping Sasha banks and naomi from wwe

While WWE has not referenced Sasha Banks and Naomi at all since the first announcement, they have taken other measures to wipe off their presence in WWE.



WWE has stopped selling any merchandise of the former tag-team and have also taken down their official Facebook page. They have also been removed from the WWE promo.

What do you think lies ahead for Sasha Banks and Naomi? Do you think they will return to WWE?

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