Cody Garbrandt Tattoos

Cody "The No Love" Garbrandt is the youngest UFC Bantamweight Champion at the age of 25. With one punch knockout power Garbrandt is widely regarded as one of the greatest finishers in UFC history. However, it's also his tattoos that bring him huge attention.Let's have a look at few of his tattoos.

Cody Garbrandt was born in Uhrichsville in USA, Uhrichsville has a nickname Dreamsville. Hence, Cody decided to ink "Dreamsville" near his abdomen as a tribute to his root. Another tattoos in his abdomen is inked with "Blessed", which according to gardrandt represents his success throughout his life and career.

Abdomen Tattoos

The Neck Tattoos

Garbrandt has a "Diamond" inked on his neck, which reflects that as a Diamond is made under pressure, Hence Cody has conquered adversity under pressue. He also has a "Self Made" tattoo, which signifies that he is stitched with good intentions and the "Wings" are showing that there is no labels , only sky is the limit.

Left Arm Tattoos

Garbrandt also has a set of tattoos on his left arm where, "Jesus Christ" represents his faith and strong relationship. He also mentioned his area code ''922'' with a tattoo to thank his roots. Cody also did a "Angel" tattoo on his bicep as angels bring good luck and fortune.

The Chest Tattoos

Cody has also inked another set of tattoos on his chest, which contains "Lord have Mercy" tattoo, it signifies Gardrandt's faith on God as he is a Spiritual man. He also has a "Sparrow" tattoo as Sparrows signify the love for his family and chosen ones. On both the opposite sides of the collar Garbrandt has also mentioned a "Twin City" tattoo to reflect his root town, Unrichsville and his home, Dennison.

Right Arm Tattoos

Towards the wrist Gardrandt has a tattoo of "Japanese Koi Fish", It helps Cody to stay focused and never back down mindset as Koi Fishes are known to fight until death. He also did a "Cross tattoo to symbolize his faith in Christianity. Garbrandt also did several flower tattoos, which usually signify Love.

"Grenade"     Tattoo

Cody Garbrandt is well known for finishing his opponents with his one punch knockout power. Hence, he made this "Grenade" tattoo to represent his Dynamite strength of his right fist.