Cody Rhodes Shares Photo of Aggravated Injury After Hell in a Cell

Cody Rhodes won the heart of wrestling fans around the world after his incredible performance at WWE Hell in a Cell despite the injury.

Rhodes torn his right pec during a live event a day before Hell in a Cell. However, he was called fit to compete. 

While Rhodes and Rollins put on a performance of a lifetime, it came with a heavy cost to both WWE and Cody Rhodes.

The already sustained injury got aggravated after Hell in a Cell and now Rhodes has been suspended for six months.

Rhodes later took to Instagram to show the increased bruising on his arm.

Cody Rhodes might not return in 2022

Cody Rhodes might not return to WWE in 2022. Needless to say, this puts a lot of pressure on WWE which will struggle to put on great shows in the absence of one of its top-stars.


The bruise was only limited to Rhodes' shoulders at Hell in a Cell. However, it spread to his arm in the latest photos shared by the WWE Superstar.

Rhodes had earlier tweeted out his decision to walk to the ring despite the injury for his love for professional wrestling.

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